Career opportunities

Graduates of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics work in leading companies in Ukraine and abroad. Education here develops analytical skills. Students are taught to think critically, draw conclusions based on correct data and correct logical reasoning.
In the famous American TV series, they repeatedly repeated: “The numbers around us.” Not only numbers, but also imperceptible for unprepared eye patterns. Studying mathematics is the first step towards the ability to identify, describe, evaluate and anticipate (graduate of the faculty).
Such skills are highly valued by employers. The diploma of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics shows that a person is able to learn, easily assimilates analytical procedures, even if they are not directly related to mathematics. Employers know: if employees are capable of doing math, they are capable of any work that requires precise analysis and careful deduction.
Mathematics makes vaccinations from fear of difficult tasks. After the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, you just understand what is capable of intellectual dimension (graduate of the faculty).